Financial Advisors: Let's end the student loan crisis one family at a time!

Paying for college is the number one financial concern facing mass-affluent Gen X parents.  

These are families that will not qualify for financial aid because they make too much money, and yet they don’t have enough saved to write a check.

Financial advisors are uniquely positioned to help them better than anyone else.

These families need us now!

The cost of college continues to rise at twice the rate of inflation and American student loan debt is out of control. The stress and anxiety of how to pay for an education that could cost $100,000 to $250,000 per child is always on their mind.

If you were in the top 1% of financial advisors skilled at college would that change your practice & benefit your clients?

Most financial advisors get college funding advice & planning all wrong. But, it's not your fault. We were never taught how (or why) to do this the best way possible.

When you learn how to properly guide families through this difficult process, they will be very grateful. The word of your expertise spreads, and more families in the community know, like, trust, and respect you.

Client acquisition & retention become easier because other financial advisors in your area are probably not meeting the college planning needs of families in your community.

Access the proven process we used to grew our practice to focus exclusively on this niche.

Whether or not you want to focus your niche exclusively on college planning, or just want to add an additional revenue stream to your practice...Mastering College Pre-Approval™ teaches you how to do college planning better than 99% of financial advisors, and build a thriving business.

Financial advisors haven't gotten the right education on college funding. Until now...

We've cracked the code and developed a unique 6-step process that has helped hundreds of families across the country. Now, we want to make an even bigger impact by teaching other financial advisors our innovative College Pre-Approval™ process...and change the way financial advisors approach college funding American families don't suffer.

We're on a mission to revolutionize our industry's approach to college funding advice. We intend to empower financial advisors with the tools they need to help families make an informed college buying decision.

Learn how to better serve Gen X clients, and rescue them from their #1 financial fear — paying for their children's college.

Join us for this free course to see a preview of the process we use in our firm everyday to help clients navigate the stressful process of funding their children's college education.

We think it's comparable with what others charge hundreds of dollars for. We want to give you this free training because we're serious about creating a movement of financial advisors who want to take action, and proactively help end the student loan crisis one family at a time...

Take the free trial today to see how Mastering College Pre-Approval™ benefits your business & your clients.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Overview of College Funding Done Right

    • Introduction to College Funding

  • 2

    The Proper Mindset When Helping Families With College Bound Teens

    • Why financial advisors are uniquely suited to help solve the student loan crisis.

    • What financial advisors can do to help families plan for college

    • Changing the Approach to College Funding Advice

    • The 1 Page College Funding Plan Excel Spreadsheet for College Pre-Approval™

    • Explainer video walk through of the College Pre-Approval™ spreadsheet.

  • 3

    How To Make Client Acquisition & Retention Easier

    • How To Build A Practice You Love With College Funding

    • What do you think?

    • How to conduct your own market analysis...

  • 4

    Bonus: FAFSA resources

    • FAFSA: What you need to know about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

    • How to help your clients with FAFSA

    • How to fill out the FAFSA to optimize the aid award...

  • 5

    BONUS: How to help your clients reduce the stress of the college admissions process

    • An easy way to assist your clients in getting their kids into their dream colleges.

  • 6

    Quiz For 2 Hours of CFP CE Credit

    • Take the Quiz

About the instructor

CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, Founder & CEO Capstone College Partners

Joe Messinger

Joe is a leading authority on late-stage college funding and frequently speaks to organizations and parent groups, such as the OSCPA, FPA, and XY Planning Network.With Capstone College Partners, he’s on a mission to educate other financial advisors to raise the bar on college funding advice…and help end the student loan crisis, one family at a time.He started his own firm because of his struggles at large national firms to find and provide good financial advice — especially in the area of college planning.It always seemed to be about the next product sale to a client.After months of soul searching, he & his partner decided to strike out on their own in 2009 by forming an independent fee-only practice.They chose the name “Capstone” to reflect the new firm’s focus on college planning (“capstone” refers to a student’s final course of subject mastery in a higher education setting). And, included “Partners” in the name to signify their intent with client relationships — that is, a real partnership built on trust and not just a one-time sales transaction.In this course you'll learn how to replicate the process (without having to go through the trial & error experimentation they did). Learn a proven business building template you can implement to build a thriving practice working with clients you love.

Praise for this course:

5 star rating

A very rich program

Tommy Martin

I enjoyed the program. The content was very rich and by the end of it, I had a retained a good amount of the information. I feel confident enough to start th...

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I enjoyed the program. The content was very rich and by the end of it, I had a retained a good amount of the information. I feel confident enough to start thinking about marketing the program. It did help that I attended a live course at XYPN17. My only suggestion would be to probably break modules up into sections so that I can find sections easier. Other than that I'm very happy. A good amount of resources to reference.

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Isn't it time to learn the foundations of college planning so you can help more families in your community?

And, get 2 hours of CFP CE credit when you sucessfully finish this FREE course...